Victoria Street Medical Group Cosmetic Medicine

Dr Mikhail Soutorine / Musculoskeletal & Regenerative Therapies GP & Cosmetic Physician

PRP, Prolotherapy, Stem Cell Injection Therapies

Cosmetic Regenerative Therapies, Cosmetic Laser Therapy, Dermal Therapies, Sclerotherapy, Hyperhidrosis Treatment, Injectables, Fillers, Threading

Dr Mikhail Soutorine has been a medical practitioner and surgeon for nearly 30 years. Russian born Mikhail practiced as a general surgeon with special interests in non-invasive surgery and medical robotics in Russia and the US. Mikhail migrated to Australia in 2000 and has been practicing in Australia in various capacities ever since. He has worked at both Box Hill and Maroondah hospitals and as a GP in private practice. In 2008 he became a full-time Medical & Scientific Director for an Australian based company Endogene Pty Ltd, specialising in the development and commercialisation of new medical devices. Concurrently he has been a Research Fellow within the Department of Surgery at Box Hill Hospital in Melbourne, working on a research project in medical robotics for cardio-vascular surgery.

Mikhail’s interest in non-invasive surgery lead him to the field of natural regenerative therapies such as: PRP (platelet rich plasma therapy) and stem cell technologies such as adipose stem cell therapy. He has studied cosmetic therapies and regenerative injection therapies in both Australia and the UK.

Since 2013 Mikhail has also been working as a GP with special interests in surgery, specialising in cosmetic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures including; cosmetic injectables, dermal  needling and laser therapies, cosmetic PRP, fat transfer procedures, micro-liposuction, sclerotherapy (a non-surgical injection technique for the treatment of varicose & spider veins), injection therapy for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), dermal needling, face threading, vampire facial rejuvenation and medical grade laser therapies.

Dr Soutorine Consults at Victoria Street Medical Group- to book an appointment please contact our reception staff during business hours on 03 8560 3040