National Cervical Screening Program

From 1st December 2017, the new Cervical Screening Program replaced pap smear screening.  Cervical Screening prevents cancer of the cervix which is caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). HPV is sexually transmitted and can go away by itself without treatment.  Sometimes it may persist and cause abnormal changes to cells of the cervix which may lead to development of cervical cancer after 5-15 years. Cervical Screening (the new pap test) is performed Monday to Friday at Victoria Street Medical Group, STI check can be carried out on the same sample if requested. Results may be obtained by making an appointment with your doctor and this will give you the opportunity to discuss any treatments necessary and ask any questions to clarify queries.

More information can be obtained by going to the National Cervical Cancer Screening Program

What has Changed?

  • You’ll be tested every five years, instead of every two
  • You won’t start having tests until you’re 25 years old, up from 18 years old
  • Screening tests will continue every 5 years till age 74 years.
  • The new test screens for HPV DNA and is more effective that the old method.

Important things to remember

For patients, the process and procedure  for having a pap test is the same.


Just book an appointment for cervical screening (new pap test) at Victoria Street Medical Group from Monday to Friday. Pap smears will not be performed on the weekend or public holidays. Remember to discuss any symptoms you may be experiencing with your doctor and request a sexual health check (for chlamydia and gonorrhoea) if required and this can be performed on the same sample.