Overseas Student and Visitor Health Cover (OSHC & OVHC)

Overseas students and Visitors with health cover will have to pay in full on the day of the consult or procedure and claim their rebate from from their health care provider ALLIANZ, BUPA, AHM, NIB, Medibank and IMAN. Please present your medical insurers card to reception on arrival.

Students & Visitors with eligible OSHC/OVHC cards

  • Standard Consultation-< 20min                     $70.00   
  • Long Consultation- 20-40min                        $110.00 
  • Prolonged Consultation- >40min                   $160.00 
  • Mental Health Plan-                                          $150.00 
  • Mental Health Plan Review-                            $110.00
  • For surgical procedures please contact our reception staff for fee details

OSHC/OVHC patients may need to take invoice to their insurer to claim rebates.In many cases, ALLIANZ, BUPA, AHM, NIB, Medibank and IMAN clients may only be required to pay the gap on the day if they present a valid membership card.If you have any queries regarding OSHC or OVHC billing, please discuss with our reception staff.

For TeleHealth consults, if we can confirm eligibility of your OSHC or OVHC on the day, your insurer will be billed directly and you will not be required to pay.  If however eligibility for OHSC/OVHC cannot be confirmed over the phone, you will be required to pay and a receipt will be e-mailed to you to present to your insurer for reimbursement of the amount.

If you have any further queries regarding OSHC or OVHC, please call during office hours and discuss with our reception staff.

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Overseas visitors and patients with no Health Insurance

Overseas visitors and patients without any form of health insurance will be charged the above fees for a standard medical consult on the day with no rebate. This must be paid prior to seeing the doctor / nurse or prior to TeleHealth consultation. If a longer or more complicated consultation eventuates, an additional fee may be payable after the consultation. If a surgical procedure is required, the full fee must be paid prior to the procedure. Fees not fully paid on the day of consultation/procedure will attract additional administrative fee of $10.00