Mental Health Treatment Plans

Mental Health Plans are prepared at Victoria Street Medical Group for eligible patients once every 12 months and a referral is made to a psychologist for 6 medicare rebatable visits. Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, panic disorder, OCD, and LGBTI are some of the issues managed with a mental health plan. During these visits your psychologist will utilise expert therapies to manage your condition. At the completion of 6 visits, a review of your mental health plan is conducted by your doctor. A referral for 4 further visits is made to continue therapy with your psychologist if considered beneficial. Thus 10 annual visits to a psychologist can be made under this arrangement.

Most patients like to research locally available psychologists who have expertise in their particular area of need. It is worthwhile to check the database of registered psychologist in your area and call to check next availability and fees prior to attending for a mental health care plan with your GP. This can be done by logging onto the Australian Psychological Society or Psychology Today websites.