Victoria Street Medical Group Test Results

After having medical tests, it is your responsibility to arrange a follow up appointment to receive your test results and discuss them with your doctor. The results of tests can only be given to you by your doctor. Reception and nursing staff are not authorised to discuss patient results over the phone or in person. In most cases, this will involve arranging an appointment with your doctor so you may be given an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have about the tests or results and arrange further management if required.

Pathology Services

Victoria Street Medical Group is pleased to provide our patients with the convenience of on-site pathology services performed by Dorevitch Pathology. A designated Dorevitch collector is available Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm. No appointment is necessary, you must present with your pathology referral and go directly to Room 7 on Level 1. You will be attended to in order of arrival. Urgent blood test can be arranged by doctors during all other hours of operation of the clinic.

Pathology Collection Hours:

  • Monday          9am – 1pm
  • Tuesday          9am – 1pm
  • Wednesday    9am – 1pm
  • Thursdays.     9am – 1pm
  • Friday             9am – 1pm

Referrals and repeat prescriptions

All prescriptions and referrals including repeats will require a consultation with your doctor. This is an important aspect of patient care so that clinical review of the medical condition being prescribed or referred for may take place with your doctor at the same time.