Victoria Street Medical Group Pregnancy Care

GPs at Victoria Street Medical Group are able to look after you during your pregnancy and undertake shared maternity care (for eligible women) with the following hospitals;

  • Mercy Hospital for Women,
  • The Royal Women’s Hospital,
  • Western Hospital Footscray
  • Sunshine Hospital and
  • Northern Hospital.

Shared Maternity Care and its benefits include:

  • Together with the hospital we will “share your care” and you will have your baby at the hospital
  • You see us for most of your visits, we will organise most tests including ultrasounds to be carried locally and be followed up by us. Copies of all results will be forwarded to the hospital.
  • This means you see someone close to your home/work who knows you and your family
  • You have fewer hospital visits during your pregnancy
  • You can build a relationship with us and continue to see us after the birth of your baby
  • You can still access shared maternity care in this practice if your usual GP does not provide shared maternity care
  • You may stop shared maternity care at any time if you wish

Please ask us today about Shared Maternity Care!